Blockchain games, empower the agricultural industry

Based on the blockchain technology, each seed income is mapped to the entity, and each piece of agricultural product and each crop is real.
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EG Positioning

EG (The Garden Eden) ecology is based on the attention to seed import and export trade, seed technology, and the importance of seed in agriculture, and has derived a business strategy that combines blockchain with agriculture. In order to better enhance the user experience of the EG (The Garden Eden) ecology, we have integrated farm games with blockchain + agriculture. In a more relaxed, fun and low-input way, you can play and invest at the same time, and you can also invest in agriculture. Contribute one's own strength to development.

EG Vision

The characteristics of blockchain technology add farms, farmers, certification agencies, food processing companies, sales companies, logistics and warehousing companies, etc. to the chain. The information on each key node forms a chain of information and value sharing. The source can be queried, whereabouts can be traced, and responsibilities can be checked. Technically, it has broken through the shortcomings and weaknesses of traditional traceability platforms such as opaque information, easy data tampering, poor security, and relatively closedness, and realizes the construction of smart agricultural ecology.

Business Highlights

The block chain + game + agriculture model adopted by EG Chain essentially breaks through the single agricultural collaboration network and reconstructs a distributed industrial network to build a brand new intelligent agricultural value network. The commercial highlights of EG (Eden) ecology are mainly reflected in the reconstruction of industrial boundary barriers, showing virtualization, the weaving of value networks, and the lowering of investment thresholds.

The background of global agricultural development

Looking at the global agricultural development trend, almost all countries and regions are committed to the construction of modern agriculture. In the new round of world scientific and technological revolution, agricultural science and technology is the key content of the scientific and technological revolution. The world agricultural scientific and technological revolution is coming fiercely, traditional agriculture gradually withdraws from the stage, and modern agriculture is rapidly emerging. In particular, the modernization of agricultural modernization led by technology in developed countries is accelerating, and its development goals, ideas, and measures are quietly changing, that is, mainly using the advantages of agricultural science and technology, shifting from the domestic agricultural market to the strategy of occupying the world market, and from using domestic resources Shift to the strategy of utilizing resources of other countries, from petrochemical agriculture to green agriculture strategy. In the future, agricultural development must rely on agricultural science and technology and take the path of agricultural science and technology innovation in order to keep pace with the world's modern agricultural development.

The Birth of the Garden of Eden and Its Model

The Garden Eden ("EG" Chain) is named from the "Bible". The garden of Eden means paradise in the original text of the Bible. The book describes where the ground is covered with gold, pearls, and red agate. The ground grows full of exotic flowers and plants, and all kinds of animals and plants are full of vitality.

Based on the development trend of global agriculture, the global trade war and the far-reaching impact of the new crown epidemic on global agriculture, EGChain adheres to the awe of land, nature and crops, and came into being. EG Chain is committed to using blockchain technology combined with games to empower the agricultural industry, and build a brand new intelligent agricultural value ecology. Everyone in the ecology can participate in the contribution of ecological agriculture and all can benefit from it. It can not only contribute its own strength to modern smart agriculture, but at the same time, it can take what it needs in the blockchain distributed ecology to meet the realization of multi-interest maximization of commercial value.

EG Chain (The Garden Eden) Out of the current global concern about the “food” panic, restrictions on agricultural exports and the impact of seed import difficulties on future agricultural development, it pioneered the use of blockchain + games + agriculture for the current global model Providing "pistachios" as a mediator to the tense situation of agricultural development, on the one hand, it can entertain the members of the vast EG (Eden) ecology, and at the same time integrate agriculture to empower the real economy and contribute to its development and growth. Educate through fun, play through work.

The advantages of games based on decentralized mode

The Garden of Eden is an intelligent peer-to-peer network and a decentralized peer-to-peer network for the identification, dissemination and recording of information presented by a unique blockchain decentralized technology in the field of agricultural ec

Data asset security

Combining blockchain technology and using smart contracts, the system automatically executes smart contracts without a third party

Game intelligence

All user information and data will be uploaded to every node, users do not need to worry about privacy leakage or asset theft

Data is stable and reliable

The content cannot be tampered with, all data is stored permanently, users can check at any time, all are open and transparent, safe and reliable

Capitalization of virtual items

With the help of blockchain technology, it is stored on the blockchain to capitalize virtual items and users can freely exercise the right to use

Break the barriers between games

Using digital assets as the settlement method of games, the scope of use of digital assets is globalized and can be circulated globally

The business scene of EG

Smart agricultural supply chain management

In the past, the agricultural product supply chain had the characteristics of "long chain, complex links, and many participants." However, the use of blockchain technology to support the agricultural supply chain is conducive to relevant stakeholders to obtain open, transparent and credible data. In the entire supply chain, It will also gradually form a complete and smooth business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow, thereby improving the efficiency of supply chain management.

Agricultural Finance

Agricultural financing is difficult and expensive to finance the development of agricultural enterprises. The root of the problem is that farmers lack a credit mortgage mechanism. The open, transparent, and non-tamperable properties of the blockchain provide the possibility for a decentralized trust mechanism.

Financial investmen

Although the investment potential of the agricultural market is huge, because the amount of agricultural investment can easily reach hundreds of millions, the threshold is too high for individuals to get involved. EG Chain's first blockchain + game + agriculture model creates opportunities for ordinary investors. This way of substituting games into real industries not only increases the fun of financial investment, but most importantly reduces investment threshold.

Global users

Global daily online number

Total issuance

Entertainment industry growth rate is much higher than GDP growth rate

Group mission and vision

Company mission

EG Chain (Eden) will continue to build a basic distributed communication network, design and R&D of software and hardware products, as well as the development and iteration of front-end product development and commercialization projects to gradually form a traceability chain economic system and improve industry efficiency. Promote the efficient and coordinated development of society.

Company Vision

EG Chain (Garden of Eden) combines its California farm blockchain game with on-farm chain traceability, and connects the game with farms around the world online and offline, creating an interesting and meaningful business ecosystem, thereby realizing its commitment to building The vision of a new generation of smart agricultural value network.

Company value

EG (The Garden Eden) ecologically utilizes the characteristics of blockchain traceability and true and reliable data, so that the seeds and fruits on each chain can be truly integrated with agriculture to generate actual commercial value, lower the threshold for users to participate in agricultural investment, and increase investment channels. Expand investment income and empower agriculture.

Into the White Book of Eden

Reality virtualization, virtual reality, to create a new generation of intelligent agricultural value network.

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